Cryptocurrency (Digital Asset)

ZEPASS will be a humanity driven cryptocurrency for collective benefits for all participants.

Network. Gateway. Exchange

Harnessing the mobile phones of users as miners and nodes.

Operating System

A cloud based, bloat-free, light-weight, secure and Bloackchain administered core. It will be browser based.

ZEPASS (ZEro Knowledge Proof ASSet) will be a people powered Digital Asset, Network, Gateway, Exchange and Operating System. The concept is geared towards the unbanked. They can exchange their earned ZEPASS for Fiat local currency directly deposited into their SUREBANQA account, Mobile phone data or voice credit, Food/Energy Bill Voucher and many more.

Harnessing the mobile phones of people in Nigeria, ECOWAS, Africa and developing countries as miners and nodes will be a game changer. Miners earn ZEPASS for running our Apps on their phones to help us verify and complete transactions.

Our SBC will become Mints/Masternodes, Standalone Solar Powered Clustered Mini Data Centres and Gateways. ZEPASS will run on mobile phones through app ( miners or farmers), Mint/Master nodes will run on our inexpensive Single Board Computer in a Standalone or Swarm/Cluster.

That will form our SUREBANQA RUN-YOUR-OWN-BANK running on our core backbone. ZEro Knowledge Proof Asset (ZEPASS) is proprietary to SUREBANQA.