What is SurePIN?

Simple Fast, Secure Payment Method

Mobile Ready

Do transactions online without providing personal details.

Built with Security in Mind

Blockchain Driven to prevent risks of tampering or fraud.

Easy Acess through Subscription

With no hidden costs or extra charges.

SurePIN is a prepaid voucher that allows consumers to purchase Bitcoin, goods and services online and offline via mobile phone without having to provide personal bank details. All that’s required is a 16 digit pin code and Secure QR Code.

This makes SurePIN seamless, fast, simple and secure payment method for the unbanked, underbanked and underserved. It is Blockchain driven to prevent tampering and fraud. All SurePIN transactions are verifiable on the Blockchain.

SurePIN vouchers can be purchased via our partner mobile phone operators recharge card terminals, Our Cash In, Cash Out ( CICO ) outlets and authorised agents in Africa, India and other developing countries. SurePIN’s are available in denominations of €10, €20, €50, €100 and €150. Up to 20 vouchers can be used at once for larger payments.

Buying a SurePIN incurs a one-off activation fee of €1.25 for the consumer, regardless of how much credit is purchased; there are no hidden costs or extra charges. SurePIN is a product from SUREBANQA.