What You Get

Swappable e-wallet

We are disrupting the Blockchain and CryptoTech industry with our Swappable e-wallet. This will be unveiled shortly as part of our Minimum Viable Product ( MVP ).


Our Bitcoin/Altcoins Merchant Point Of Sale is a smartphone app based POS aimed at bringing Bitcoin/ Altcoins adoption to the mainstream in Nigeria, ECOWAS, Africa, India and other developing countries.  It will encourage buying, selling and exchange of Bitcoin/Altcoins seamlessly as local fiat currency.
We believe the future will run on Bitcoin/Altcoins.  

Digital Stored Value Vouchers ( DSVV)
Our ecosystem will be powered by our Bitcoin/Altcoins based vouchers/Gift Card ( SurePIN, SurePAY, SureCASH, SureGift, e-Forex). Virtual, online/offline redeemable and secure PIN based payment system. Completely managed and administered by SUREBANQA Core.

We are disrupting the remittance and money mobile money ecosystem with our zero transfer fee and better cash out products and services. Our core platform offers complete bypass of the traditional banking system that offers our customers tremendous savings. We can offer 0.17% cash in local Fiat currency than Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit etc.

Our Cash In, Cash Out (CICO) and Human Teller Machine (HTM) operators are made up of people in your local community.


Distributed Ledger Technology ( DLT), Bitcoin/ Altcoins presents us with unique decentralized control to disrupt and innovate the cartel run Foreign Exchange Market in developing countries.
With our technology and solution, we will offer a Virtual Bureau De Change ( e-Forex) service that will sell and exchange FOREX completely on our platform at zero fees.
It will be faster, efficient, transparent, cheaper and virtual. Giving customers access to almost all world fiat currencies under one platform.
SurePIN and our Virtual Visa Debit card will be employed.

Value Added Services (VAS)
As the world population grows, so will the use of smartphone and mobile devices as the default connectivity device. Our Mobile Value Added Services ( mVAS) will seek to develop a simple, secure and seamless integration to launch products and services that will tap into this ecosystem. Smart Farming through our FarmHUB innovation project in rural communities to Bitcoin/ Altcoins purchases on mobile phones and many more..