Target Audience

Unbanked,Underbanked and Underserved.
E-money providers looking for infrastructure.
Banks willing to build digital infrastructure.
Financial organizations eligible for users’ balances management (loyalty providers, digital asset providers).

High initial development costs.
Proprietary API and core software.
Unsecure centralised and personnel based security practices.
Low transparency level.
High hardware maintenance costs.

Decentralised and No stacking.
Blockchain core open to customisation.
Works on conventional hardware.
Cryptographically secured privileges.
Atomic per-transaction audit.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Platform + App Milestone


  1. SUREBANQA Bitcoin Interest Savings Account (BISA).
  2. Online Bitcoin/e-Forex redeemable Vouchers/Gift Cards (SurePIN).
  3. Borderless Remittance Services (SureCASH, SurePAY, SureTELLER).
  4. Swappable Bitcoin 2 Altcoins/ Global Fiat e-wallet.
  5. Integrate Virtual + Physical Visa Debit card.
  6. Bitcoin/Altcoins Mobile Value Added Services (BitVAS).
  7. Integrate ID/ Proof acquisition for less than 3 mins customer onboarding.

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