Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (BATM)

BATM is our secure, vandalproof, futureproof, 1 and 2-way, Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine. It is designed with our rugged Single Board Computer (SBC ) It is completely off-grid and solar powered. Onboard 4G LTE is our fail safe option where there is no Fibre Optic Broadband Connection. It is specifically designed with emerging and developing countries in mind. The  core is cloud based for security scalabilityand seasmless Over-The-Air (OTA) software/firmware upgrade.

We can customize it to be mounted on an amoured bullion van and other related hostile environment. Our Ellie, Dylan, Aidenm and SUREproof range can be customised to suit your requirements. Price starts from £9750.

The Ellie BATM Product Range

SUREproof Product Range

  • First Standalone, Off-Grid Solar powered 2-way Bitcoin ATM machine.
  • Competitive pricing with quality assurance.
  • Better after-sale service via DAC system with 24/7.
  • Bank-level hardware system, realizes efficient and secure service.
  • Stable and safe embedded software, professional ATM manufacturer.
  • ZERO license fee for all transactions.
  • Multi-function Dashboard to provide a better User Experience: Real-time control & alert by SMS/EMAIL.
  • 15-second for transaction processing, 30-second for withdrawing, robust AML/KYC solution in  compliance with regulations and policy requests.
  • High-definition large LCD screen, allows customized logos and advertisements.
  • Multilingual operation system- English, French and other languages.
  • Supports multiple currencies (Upgrade option: up to 3 kinds currency acceptable).
  • Supports Telephone/SMS/Email Verification.
  • Paper wallet generator.
  • Extensible Cashbox (standard configuration: 1200 notes, maximum capacity: 4000 notes).
  • API available for easily connecting to main exchanges.